Can you tell me about your corporate portrait photography?

Graynoise specialise in corporate and business portraits, and situational photography. We do headshots, portraits and stock style photography for use in business publications and web sites.


Most of the our work is on location at your premises, but we also have a studio if required.


Requesting a quote for portrait photography

Factors that determine the cost of portrait photography include,

  • the number of shots required;
  • the number of subjects;
  • the shoot duration.

Other fees associated with portrait photography include lighting and equipment fees, post production and retouching.


So, as a starting point, it's best to let us know,

  • how many people you need photographed;
  • whether they are to be photographed individually or in a group or groups;
  • whether they're available consecutively or not.

Providing information about your location is also useful. So things like,

  • how much space you have;
  • whether there is much natural light or not; and
  • whether there are good settings available for photography, or whether we might need to bring a background.

If necessary we will visit your location prior to photography to make sure the shoot runs smoothly.


View examples of business and corporate portraits in our portrait portfolio. Use our quote form to request a quote.